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Bingo Spells Murder!

 A friendly bingo game turns into a crime scene and Father O'Sullivan must solve the crime and play bingo at the same time.

Mystery at My Family Reunion

A family gathering where everything is about to go haywire! See what happens when the Grimaldi's get together for their annual reunion.

Maine's Premier Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Celebrating 29 years in 2024


 A mystery show is the perfect complement for employee banquets, annual meetings, business meetings, fundraisers, hotels/resorts/pubs, private parties/celebrations, holiday parties or any kind of special event.     

Guaranteed Fun For Your Next Event!


More mystery themes...


     Mystery at the Last Chance Bar & Grill

(Where country music is king.)

Who Killed the Boss?

(Fun at an employee banquet.)

Mystery at My Class Reunion

(High school was never this fun.)

Mystery on Tap

(Strange things are brewing in the tap room.)

Mystery at the Last Dance Disco

(The 1970s revisited in all its glory.)

The Dusty Gulch Murders

(Mystery and intrigue in the Wild West.)


Mystery at KDED Radio

(The 1950s is on the air.)

Murder Most Medieval

(Royalty, wenches and a jester.)

Max Dollar - Private Detective

(An all female cast delivers on this one.)

Murder in the Court

(Your guests become judge and jury.)











Mystery of the Lost Treasure

Your guests will become members of a pirate ship facing off to find the lost treasure. But watch out because the ale flows wildly through the night.  


Marriage Can Be A Mystery 

Join the fun as this wild Italian wedding doesn't quite go as planned. 

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