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Dan Marois, Actor, Owner, Producer

Dan Marois is the Chief Entertainment Officer for Mainely Improv and Mystery for Hire. As a writer, producer and actor, Dan has been involved in every aspect of the business since 1995 and has performed in nearly 1000 mystery show productions.

Denise Marois

As co-owner of Mystery for Hire, Denise has play numerous roles with most of them being bold and brassy ladies. She loves performing and has been an accomplished vocalist since she first sang the song, "Que Sera, Sera?" as a mere youngster.

Katie Marois Nadeau

Katie Marois Nadeau grew up with Mystery for Hire having come to shows at the age of eight. She is a theater veteran and Broadway musical her parents.

Julie Poulin

There is not a role that Julie Poulin cannot do. We all recall the night she showed up and played a male part that she had never done before. One of our long time actors that brings delight wherever she goes.

Kathleen Nation

Kathleen Nation's middle name is versatile as she can play a zany character one night followed by Shakespeare the next.

Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson stepped on to the stage later in life and he has never stepped off it. There's no nicer guy in Mystery for Hire and he's a true professional.

Brian Files

Actor, comic, playwright and master of the nerdy characters, Brian Files is full of surprises in our mystery shows and improv. He's actively involved as a vibrant citizen of Gardiner, ME.

Amanda Kinsey

Where do we begin with Amanda Kinsey? Wild, wacky, wonderful, whirlwind, wonky, crazy wabbit, and willing to jump into any character.

Nate White

Nate White has a long list of theater credits going back for many years. He's creative onstage and off.

Carla Rose Dubois

CarlaRose Dubois lives on historic Paris Hill in the Oxford Hills with her talented husband and three daughters. You never know which character is going to make an appearance from CarlaRose's fast paced wit and array of quirky voices.

Joe Swenson

Joe Swenson does it all. Actor, director, filmmaker, improvisor, writer, author, corporate trainer, and all around Renaissance man.

Dawn Hartill

We first met Dawn Hartill when a few Mystery for Hire actors took her course on stand up comedy. She has since graced the stage for Mainely Improv and Mystery for Hire. Watch it. She's a bank auditor.

Marie Stewart Harmon

Marie Stewart Harmon is a Portland area actor known for her zany characters and quick thinking improv style. A veteran of the stage who loves doing improv.

Steve Corning

On his tax returns, Steve Corning lists his occupation as juggler. That would be accurate since he juggles any kind of inanimate objects as well as balancing such things as a ladder on his chin. He also juggles his time in his adventures with mystery shows, improv, and other comic ventures.

molly mcgill

Molly McGill is one of the newer multi-talented members of our troupe. Always willing to take on a challenge, Molly is a welcome addition to the mystery and improv stage.

Nic Dufault

Nic Dufault has been the opening act for famed comedian, Gilbert Gottfried, after only doing stand up comedy for about three years. He puts passion in all the comic roles he portrays. He's also a really nice guy.

Sara Poulin

Actor, comic, radio personality, writer, and creative spirit. That just about summarizes one of our newest additions, Sara Poulin.

Greg Lambert

Watch out for this dude. He could be the bad guy or the good guy depending on which show he is doing. You'll get to see a lot more of Greg Lambert.

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